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    Matt Nunnally is First Day's 1st Tenor, bringing a ton of live performance and studio experience to the group.  He was a founding member of Glorify Him and Shepherd Hall; before joining FD, he toured for over two years with Acappella, supporting their “Heaven and Earth” project.  He is married to Carolyn, and they have a son named Xander!  Matt loves performing live, and also has vast experience and an excellent ear for recording.






    Kyle Jones provides the rhythm foundation for First Day... He lives in Fayetteville and is a rabid Arkansas Razorbacks fan!!   His beat-boxing and vocal percussion set the tone and tempo for FD's live shows and studio recordings!  ...you are gonna love this guy!






    Jeff Henig sings bass and contra-bass for First Day, and possesses exceptional vocal range! He is married to Carie and they have three beautiful children! He is a full-time prison minister and loves to sing and write,  bringing vast recording and live performance experience to the group, singing with a cappella artists Someday and Soul







    Dave Daughety sings Baritone and Tenor for FD.  He brings a lot of experience to the ministry, having toured with Glorify Him and Shepherd Hall (with Matt) throughout the '90s and early 2000's.  He is married to Kerri and they have two beautiful kiddos!







    Tim Martin is FD's 2nd tenor.... He loves all kinds of music, having been in various bands since he was a teenager. He leads 2 worship services each Sunday at First Christian Church in Mtn Home... He has been writing and singing since he was a child, and periodically travels to Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic and the South Pacific on Mission trips. “God has blessed me with a wonderful wife and three beautiful daughters”, Tim says. “What could be better than that?”


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