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    First Day just returned from its first ever foreign mission trip!  Their “Corazon, Manos y Voces 2010" (heart, hands  and voices) mission tour spanned 8 days and the entire country of Panama! The mobile medical clinic in Caña Blanca was incredible, and singing at the Children's Hospital in Panama City capped off the week... in between, FD did 5 concerts in 5 different cities and visited remote Indian Villages in the Darien Province!  It was simply amazing!

    excerpt from Joy's 'riverside in panama' blog: "...we had the house prepared for my favorite singing group in the world to stay two nights with us!!! First Day arrived Sunday, June 13th in time to grab a bite and perform a free concert at our local Lion’s Club. They did an awesome job, complete with translated words projected onto the wall so that all could understand the message they came to share. They even sang one song in Spanish – and the whole crowd was super appreciative. Me too! I listen regularly to their CDs, and am blessed and encouraged by them, but seeing their faces while they sing, and being face to face was very moving for me, and very much appreciated! You guys are the best!  On Monday the whole gang – Tim, Matt (and his fantastic wife Carolyn), Bruce, Gary, Kyle, Jeff, along with our ever-faithful translator, Kirvyn, Larry Brady, Medic Baudilio & wife, Erica, plus our entire household, headed out to Caña BlancaArriba for a day of medical assistance. This was financed almost entirely by donations given to First Day toward that purpose. The dear folks of this small village were offered check-ups, medicines (including the much needed parasite medicine), reading glasses, vitamins, and bags of food staples like rice, beans, salt, sugar and oil. We saw between 80 and 100 people with a huge majority being children...."  to read more, please visit http://www.riversideinpanama.blogspot.com/  


    the guys will be posting more pictures very soon...

    "please know we are so very grateful for all the support and especially thankful that so many of our friends covered us in prayer!" said 2nd Tenor Tim Martin...

                                                                                    God Bless!


                                                                      - Bruce, Matt, Tim, Jeff and Kyle

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